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PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(72 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Survival
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, Horror, Multiple Endings, Pixel Art, Spooky
Average sessionA few minutes
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Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Here's clear proof that you don't need realistic 3D graphics or jumpscares to create a genuine horror experience. One of the most disturbing games I've ever seen.

This game is amazing and is on its own level of uniqueness I decided to make a series on it because of how good the game is here’s my video on it I hope you enjoy the funny moments I had with this game!

Thanks so much!

I kind of wanna know, this may not be related to the game, but why is there a new album in Isaac nite's Spotify? Is 1.6 coming out soon?

Sorry for the late reply. 

That album contains extended versions of the TV channel songs from the final section of the Melodies update. That album and the accompanying video we made for it are a bridge between this game and our next project. :) 

Another Amazing game, there are so many unique animations for death scenes that it never felt bad any time I died. The game is the perfect design of a horror puzzle box as each run I had to work out interaction between the world and items to progress. It was really worth the effort to get through the game.

Really loved the game and really want to play more.


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Will there be a version in Portuguese Brazil?

Is there going to be a android version? (pls it would be amazing)

Forwarding from my friend who doesn't have an itch.io account: "Hello! Ever since the 1.5 update, I've been trying to stream this game in Discord to my friends. However, the game sometimes locks up after deaths, and sometimes the game won't load from a black screen (though audio will keep playing, and it accepts button inputs) whenever it doesn't simply crash altogether. Even the most recent release has these problems - please help?"

can you share your system specs please?

hey, i need help!! even though I have all the endings completed in my notebook it doesn't seem to trigger the new story, do I need to do something to trigger it?

Sorry for the wait!

OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

CPU: Intel Core i7-5600U


GPU: Intel HD Graphics 5500

I had so much fun playing this, I went for the "bad" ending first, you should check it out!

My first playthrough!

When will the dlc be released on this platform?

This was one of my favorite games I played in 2021 so I had to put it in my channel's 2021 recap

does anyone know the game engine the creators used? cannot find it for the life of me


Much digging later, I believe it was Stencyl. Judging from the fan wiki at least. It was the only thing I could find that mentioned the game engine.


thank you so much for looking!  i've been wanting to find different engines to experiment with, so thank you


How do you sprint using Xbox Controller controls?

Hey, I'm looking for a new horror game to play, but I don't do well with jumpscares- does this have any?

There are a few deaths that can be surprising, but no outright jumpscares

can you send it to me please

cant make it work. What are the system requirements?

me encanta el diseño y la musica, ojala pudiera pasarlo xD

What engine does this game use?

exceptional game 



this game is hard for my small brain but i will post again when i upload part 2 of this game


Such a cozy House, where nothing spooky goes on and everything is absolutely fine. From the atmosphere driving music to the bouncy pixels everyone has, I'm enjoying it so far. Pity about the cat though...

Good job, devs.

Part 2!

Dying hurts.

Part 3!

When titans attack!

Part 4!


Part 5!

Game puts you through the ringer if you want success...

Part 6!

Ugh, these frogs...

The game is great.  Great puzzles.  I hope you keep adding to it

does anybody know where tabby lives after the true ending?

very very good game i really Enjoyed every "waking second.."

Bruh, this game need money :(

Does anyone know to kill the freaking fridge demon that comes out? I have been trying for ages and I can't work it out. Help?

Chop his arm off with axe. Run around and he will disappear when time is up (i forgot how long it was)

you can use doors to your advantage to get away.

Thank you so much!!! =)

i wanna play im buying now

This game is awesome, I wont change my mind

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I NEED MONEY I WANT THAT GAME I WILL NEVER GET IT! :C cuz iam 9  but i want it breh

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Great game! ✌✌✌✌

hey how do i get the slingshot? also have a great day!

[Spolier] Hope these images help. (You will need the axe and bowling ball)

Show post...

drop the boling ball on the trapdoor and in there is a corpse chop it with the axe and you have the slingshot

the game wont start up for me!!!!!

Are there any plans for a Linux release? I'm also interested on a Spanish translation and I'll be glad to help with one

Deleted 1 year ago

here's a few tips for people who don't already know (SPOILERS), when you run into the snail in the piano room it is recommended that you pick it up because it will give you more stamina when you run, when you drop the bowling ball onto the carpet that appears in the hallway it'll stop moving (the carpet will stop moving, not the bowling ball), the bucket to stop the leak in the kitchen is in the basement on a shelf but you need to use the slingshot to get it down,to talk to the creature in the toilet instead of it killing you after you flush you have to kill your sister and cat first i think (to make the toilet monster appear you have to turn off the lights and THEN flush the toilet), if you've killed everyone and everything and the monster in the toilet says there's one more soul

that last soul is the doll that keeps asking you to hold her, when the cat catches fire use the water bucket to save it, to kill the dad you have to use the axe (or slingshot i think) and shoot the vase in the piano room and get the shotgun shell out of it also i am pretty sure there is a bullet on the shelf in the basement where the rat is and make sure to drop the bowling ball in the piano room so you can get the bear trap, HOW TO KILL DAD: go into hallway, drop bear trap in a spot where he will step on it, shoot him once he rips himself off of his feet, shoot his head when it leaves his body.


Your game is phenominal and has given me some ideas. Is there any way i could get connected?

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