Patch 1.5 "Melodies"

Time to go home...

Several months have passed since Tabby broke free and Melody has woken up into a rotting house abandoned by time. The fabric of reality twisting around her as a mysterious entity arrives to seal her fate.

  • Play as Tabby's depressed sister, Melody
  • Explore a twisted version of the house
  • Play songs to reshape fate
  • Die in all new gruesome ways
  • Groove to a brand new soundtrack
  • + more to come!

Known issues

Due to the size and increase in scope of this update we've had a few memory-related issues causing the game to crash at times. We have been working hard to optimize it as best as we can and please ask patience while we sort it out.

Be sure to check out the HOUSE Discord server! It's the best place to get into contact with us or post bugs.

Thanks everyone again for playing HOUSE! We hope you enjoy this next chapter and thank you for being so patient while we worked on it. We have another patch planned for some bugfixes and tidying up stuff on the way, but in the meantime, please do post any bugs you find and we will do our best to fix them!

Files 66 MB
Jan 16, 2022 104 MB
Jan 18, 2022

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Am I expected to buy this game again just for a patch? Why can't I update it to this 1.5? Stuck on 1.4.2 for months now.

It’s a free update that was released on the day it came out. You just need to redownload it. 

Deleted 294 days ago

Hey. How do you install this version? I have it bought, installed on my pc and im stuck on version 1.3 . I need some help here because i cant get the other versions.

And i did buy it off the website

Can't seem to download 1.5. Tried installing the new Mac pckg but when game loads still say 1.4. Went to app to update and I get prompt that I have latest version

same here but i'm on windows


They are reuploading the files. Hopefully it will work when its uploaded.

the doll is not showing up but it keeps saying version 1.5? did they reupload the files?

Yes I’ve confirmed that new built has been uploaded. You need to uninstall then reinstall the package.

still not working for me :(