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Do you guys have any plans on releasing this to android or ios devices. As in mobile or will this be a computer game?

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what is the point of this game? is it just to die over and over again or is the point to try to save everyone in the house?


Both, you can Either save them or slay them :)

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are those the condition required to beat the game? what is the game exactly looking for to tell you won?

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I'd like to think that it's a choose your own ending and choose your own adventure kind of thing :) 

You get whichever ending you want, personally I'll keep the ending where the house is destroyed and the curse gets lifted but my family dies, since they weren't having such a nice life at least now they are free from the house even if it means they died 😂


please dont tell me your ending I have not played that far yet into the game and how do only think it is a choose your own ending when this is a game you made no?

kguidomv88 did not make the game, the game was made by the user known as: barkbarkgames, the person with the profile image of a dog, and yes the game is kind of a "choose your own adventure" kind of thing, like a "which way?" book...except it's a game.

doing those things are not required to beat the game... at least i don't think so, but it's kinda like undertale (except not an RPG), it's like undertale because you can do almost whatever you want, just to see what happens, also make sure to leave the fridge open after mom falls asleep on the kitchen chair.

I am sure that is sage advice for this game but it still funny to read it in sentence.

there are many things you can do in this game, for example: you could save everyone and use the gun to kill your dad at the end, or you can kill everyone and when dad comes home he hugs you and says you've been a good girl, or you could just do whatever you feel like doing, like killing the cat out of boredom and then splashing your little sister with water while she plays piano, or you could try and find out all the ways to die and how many deaths there are

I trying to not read some of your replies yet and save them for when I there because I did not even know you got to meet the father in this game and also i have not even made it to the gun I played it once for about 20 or so minutes and stopped.

if you wait around enough and let the time pass by in the game, dad comes home. (DON'T READ AHEAD RIGHT HERE BECAUSE IS SPOILER/ADVICE THING I GUESS) also when the mom makes sandwiches there is a leaky roof in the kitchen and she slips on the puddle on the floor and dies, but you can prevent this so she doesn't become a zombie and kill you, grab the bowling ball from the living room, drop it on the cat to kill it and get the key, (or use milk to get the cat off of its cushion) go into the basement thing, (bottom left door in living room), drop the bowling ball and a bucket will fall, put the bucket in the kitchen and on the spot where the water is dripping.

mom I knew was going to die because I watched some of the makiplier playthrough of the game I just have not played it again myself but tonight I probably will, You think of sitting down and writing a walkthrough of the game you could help a lot of people and you seem to be pretty solid in your knowledge of the game.

yeah i know some things about the game, whenever i really get into a game i try to learn as much about it as i can (i know WAY too much about undertale) you should also watch the youtuber H2ODELIRIOUS, it's not my channel (i don't have a channel) but he's pretty funny and he made some videos about the HOUSE game (it's split into 3 videos) also there are some friends of H2ODELIROUS that have some funny channels, the channel names are: VANOSS, BASICALLYIDOWRK, NOGLA (i forgot the full channel name for nogla), LUICALIBRE, and a few others i think i forgot, and if you ever think about coding games (or watching someone make epic games) you should watch DANI, he makes some cool games that you can also download on itch, like: MILKMAN KARLSON, KARLSON (a 2D version), KARLSON (a 3D DEMO of the one on STEAM), BALLS, FARTY ROCKET, RE-WIND, and that's all i can think of. (but there is another game he has on STEAM called MUCK *it's a survival game* and in it he "TOTALLY DIDN'T STEAL" the inventory from minecraft, and he wondered "where do characters store items in games like that? because it can't ALL fit in their pockets?" and whenever you store items in your inventory in MUCK (especially if it's alot of items) the character's SAUSAGE kinda uh... makes a lump in the rag your character uses for clothing.

I don't have a full keyboard so I don't have arrow keys wich is making the game hard for me, is there anyway I can change the keybinds?

Hey Krysters, sorry to hear about that. We're currently working on an in-game keybind setting for an upcoming update, but here is a link to some temporary solutions

thank you! <3

hey, sorry to ask again but i never got any response when i asked the first time. what gave you the idea to make this game? was it the kind of game that you make for starting out and it just blows up? or was it just some spooky idea you had? or maybe did you get the inspiration for this game from a different game(s)?

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why on earth dont you just go buy a full keyboard you can get them really cheap. I mean just so you have a full keyboard not just for this game. You could probably buy one for as much as this game cost.

the game was a gift, I did not buy it myself, I live under circumstances where I cannot use my own money for such things.

ok I assuming that is because your a kid still living at home with mom and dad. Nothing wrong with that but why can they not buy you a keyboard with everything on it.

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with good parents sadly. My whole computer setup is a gift from cousins and siblings, my parents don’t give me anything.

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I am poor too but still can afford 7 bucks for a keyboard I also just checked online and found one for 3.99 us

Hi! Thanks for making a great game. Do you plan to support languages other than English in the future? If so, I'd love to help you to add my language(Korean). Please let me know if I can help you! Thanks!

Thanks for playing.

We have localized the game in simplified chinese, but do have plans for more languages in the future!

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Glad to hear that!

Please let me know if you need any help. I can help translate your game into my language!

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quick question for barkbarkgames: what gave you the idea to make this game? was it the kind of game that you make for starting out and it just blows up? or was it just some spooky idea you had?

or maybe did you get the inspiration for this game from a different game(s)?

Hi there!

This game started out as a gamejam game on Newgrounds in 2016 and then we spent the last few years turning it into a full game! 

A few things that were an inspiration for us: A 1977 japanese horror film Hausu, Yume Nikki, Junji Ito, Lakeview Cabin, to name a few!

Hey, thanks for answering my question i was really puzzled, i have an idea for an update to the game, i doubt it'll be used tho: so even though it's a horror game that's supposed to be scary, i thought it'd be funny if you guys made a reference to the super mario 64 evil piano and managed to fit in something where you end up not destroying the piano somehow, like pushing the piano to the side of the room and the chandelier still ends up falling naturally due to time or you can shoot it down with the slingshot, and the little sister gets eaten by the piano and every time you enter THAT specific room, the piano tries to eat you, and it can't leave the room because it can't fit through the door.

Hi! I love your game so far, but do you plan on releasing a walkthrough/ending guide at some point? There are so many small details in this game, I worry that I might miss something without one!

hey, my mom told me a distant family member made a game so i went to go buy this and play it :)

Did you guys beat it? 


Having a hard time with the the carpet? Here's a little trick to make the game easier


Will there be Android version of the game?

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love your game guys. keep at it. <3 hope to see more.

is the itch version going to get the Nightmares update?


Absolutely! Just doing a few more bugfixes before we set it live.

STOKED haha thank you !


un juego bastante bueno


Are you guys going to make this mobile? id rly like that, thanks!

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Thanks for releasing the game on Mac :) Insta purchase!

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Pls dev. Pls gib changelogs when updates! It soothes my inner organizational cravings.

Even if it's just "hotfix" or "bugfix."

EDIT: Wow the worwrap on these itch pages is... Strange.

hi oops patch coming soon along with a new update. stay tuned!


Thank you for making this game available to macOS, I was looking into installing windows on my computer but this makes things a lot easier. Happy to support this wonderful game!


thanks so much for playing!!!


Hello, Will this game be free anytime soon?


There are no plans for that. 




its 5 dollars lol

your game us really cool ! 

What is your game engine ?

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Will there be a Mac version?


Yes! It should be out in the next week.

Consider me your first customer :)


Hi Guys, Is this game going to be on mobile? Do you guys have any plan for that?

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This game seems incredibly cool, and what I was able to play was gorgeous! However, as isinglass said in their review, it's also incredibly frustrating- and, as a disabled gamer, functionally unplayable due to the frustrating features isinglass described. I've been unable to get past the first few minutes of the game, notably due to needing to restart the entire tedious morning section after every death and the precise reaction time needed.

Overall, an incredible-seeming game, but also an incredibly inaccessible one. I'll likely look up a playthrough, though it's sad I'm unable to play it myself.

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This game's pretty damn good. It's also really hard. It basically kicked my ass for almost 2 hours last night but it's still fun to play. 

Hi just wondering if you need Chinese Localizaion for this unique game. I'm a freelancing game translator and I'd like to take part in this game as well. Feel free to contact me at Have a nice day.

bing chilling 🥶🥶🥶

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House is a creepy game that leans into the RPG Maker horror aesthetic from games like Misao thrown in with a dash of old school cult hits like Maniac Mansion. Instead of a haunted school or mansion, you are exploring your home that gets darker and more monstrously aggressive as the day quickly turns on. And, oh, does the day move on, which each in-game second translating to rapidly increasing minutes inside the house.

The best parts about this game are the pixel art and the designs and the discoverability. As you begin to discover items and play around with them, you organically begin to find solutions to your problems. This type of logical reward for the player is one of House's strengths. The ghosts, monsters, demons, etc. are also well-drawn, creepy, and charming. The first time midnight approached, I seriously was filled with a deep dread as the father came home.

This is where my raving praise begins to slip though. I don't know of House fully uses the 'time loop' of being trapped in this Groundhog's Day-like setting to its fullest potential. To be honest, although I knew what I needed to do for certain tasks, some of the enemies can quickly end your run in what ends up being an ultimately frustrating experience. The first time you laugh about it and feel trolled. The second time you begin to wonder about hitboxes. I've had weird issue with the rat hit box, annoyed with how it feels like you have to get pixel-perfect to escape the rug in the hallway, and not to mention bad RNG with the shadow people. After 15-20 runs, it feels like certain obstacles should no longer be a run-ending issue.... yet they are. The tedium of repeating runs for dumb missed-by-a-pixel mistakes pushes up against the genuine joy of the game's surprises.

I also think I would like House more if I didn't feel like it was so "front-loaded" in terms of trying to rush to save my family members. Certain tasks feel like they have to be 'pixel perfect' or that I have to be conducting a speed run, which ruins some of the atmosphere for me. There are moments like uncovering the hatch in the mother's room that I wish felt a little slower and carried a deeper emotional gravitas. Even some lighter content feels rushed. An example: after befriending the rat I learned I could talk to him (and that he had dialogue for different items I was carrying), but I also had tasks to do & every spent with lore (which I would have liked!) meant another disaster was happening elsewhere in the house. So, I ran off.

The runs aren't that long, but even a quicksave option might make this game a little more enjoyable. At a certain point the tedium of having everything start over knowing the spike rug might get me again turned me off of House. Finally, I just ended up getting too frustrated that I couldn't accomplish what I set my mind to do and quit, instead watching a YT video of someone else's best runs.

The story, artwork, item/object interactions, and discoverability are worth the sticker price for an interesting, imaginative game, I only wish it was more fun to play and didn't feel like each run was a pixel-perfect speed run racing against the clock.

Now that path 1.3 is out, is it fully finished, content-wise?

hi! i bought House 1.2 a little while ago- and i really wanna download the update. do i have to buy the game again, or is there a way to update the old version..?

hi there! If you just download it again it’s the current version!

it says i have to pay for it again- i will if i must, i love it!! 

make sure this is the same account you originally purchased the game with. 

If you still have issues you can email us at

This is absolutely amazing. Based off youtube videos i've seen, it's extremely creepy. And I don't normally get spooked easily. I'm gonna try to buy it tomorrow. Overall, amazing work. :)

This horror game is one of the most nerve-wrecking I have seen in a long while, this is further helped by the fact that everything happens in real time and there are monsters/hazards everywhere. Seriously, you did a good job on this game.

Hey! When I initiate what I think is the start of the new ending, the game seems to really freak out and drop frames heavily, screen goes black on and off too. I think this might be my PC reacting weird to post-process shenanigans because it's a little old, from 2016, but idk. Any ideas?

By the way, wanted to say pre-update but this game is really fun and I've been obsessed over it for the last month and a half!!


Hi there. We have seen this issue happen intermittently and are working on a fix. I would suggest in the interim try closing all other apps you have open and doing a fresh run of the game and go straight to initiating that ending. 

Is the update out now? :D

Yes it is! 

Is the pt2 already out?

patch 1.3 is coming later this week! 

I loved this! Its way more fast-pace then I thought it would be. I loved the background story too!

This game is seriously dope. I played it as my first live stream and made a lil highlight reel. I still have to go back and figure out the correct series of events. But man..... It is so short for each playthrough, but still packed with so much stuff. It is freaking amazing. I want more lol

thanks for playing! the next update is coming soon :) 

Art looks amazing!

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This game is tough! It's one of those games that is excruciating at first, but you learn, grow and come out the other end feeling smarter lol. I saved the sister, but I know I missed a few things and there's more to do. I'm excited to see what you do with House!



thanks for playing! the next update should be out in the next week or so! :)

Is the Steam version of this game identical as the latest version on this site? (I'll try to say this spoilerfree) I've got a really hard time to fight the monster that comes out of the white machine that also delivers milk. Or should I just try again?


they are both the same version. 


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